Pan Yu Lin 潘玉良

Art Works of Pan Yuliang


Fan Di'an


Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House

Date of Publication



978-7-5398-4711-5, 978-7-5398-4720-7, 978-7-5398-4721-4, 978-7-5398-4722-1, 978-7-5398-4723-8, 978-5398-4724-5, 978-7-5398-4725-2, 978-7-5398-5280-5

Art Works of Pan Yuliang is composed of eight volumes. Volume I and Volume II are of oil paintings, including 369 pieces; Volume III and Volume IV are of color ink paintings, including 336 pieces; Volume V and Volume VI are of line drawings, including 604 pieces; Volume VII, a comprehensive volume, has collected Pan Yuliang’s 176 works, including sketches, watercolour paintings, prints, and sculpture pieces, and so on; Volume VIII, a literature volume, has collected a large number of Pan Yuliang’s highly valuable historical documents, most of which are very precious and are published for the first time.